Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Knocking On The Door

Our baby girl continues to surprise us with talent and traits that she had never shown before. There are just too many interesting things in her that please us. For instance, whenever we are in the bathroom and the door is closed. She would want to come inside but before she do that, she will knock on the door first as if she knows what she is doing.

At her early age she is already showing good manner. Knocking on doors before entering is one way to show respect who is inside the bathroom. How many of the kids you know doing that? I guess there are only very few and one of them is my baby. We never taught her that, she only did by herself one day and it really amazed us. In fact, when she did that for the first time, her dada thought it was me knocking on the door but no it was our baby.

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