Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shopped For Cellphone Accessories

I am pissed knowing that we have some snow today and I couldn't take decent pictures of us because our digital camera has been dead since the last snow of December. What I have been using lately is the camera in my cellphone and you know the picture quality isn't as good as the ones taken from digital camera. I couldn't wait for my husband to buy me the needed USB cable and earphones as well so I can make use of my cellphone's music as well as transfer photos to my computer.

I went ahead and shopped for accessories online today and only paid 24 for three items plus shipping. That isn't so bad for I know how much each cost at ATT website. Good thing I bought them at for a lot less. I just have to wait for my order to arrive then I'll be good! I hope I won't be late posting our snow pictures for this year and share them to my family in Pinas.

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michal clark said...

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