Thursday, February 11, 2010

Still Pourin' Heavily

We are so blessed today for having some snow for the first time of the year 2010. Texans couldn't be happier especially me always being left in the house. I am not worried at all for I have nowhere else to go. With that being said, the surroundings are just pure white right now and I so want to play in the snow!!!

Unfortanately, my baby is sleeping and I doubt she wants to go out when she is awake. Geeeezzzz I got no one to play with. My feet and hands are itching to make snowballs eh. Our snow is 5 inches thicker now I think and it's still pouring until midnight. Weeewww what a lucky day. I am gonna share photos of us later when the usb cable I ordered arrives in few days.

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