Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What is Plagiarism?

Before I start my posting, let me ask you what is Plagiarism?

I searched for its meaning and Plagiarism means
= a piece of writing that has been copied from someone else and is presented as being your own work;
=The act of plagiarizing: the copying of another person's ideas, text, or other creative work, and presenting it as one's own, especially without permission.

I didn't know plagiarism is a serious crime. Once the original author finds out that his/her work is being copied by another person, he must do some serious actions regarding the crime or else the guilty ones will just continue doing it that it hurts so much. I remember one time in my blogging years, there was this person that silently just copy other bloggers' paid posting and I found out my work was one of her source when posting a paid entry. That sucks and it made me so mad that I attacked her in her blog. Well, if only free plagiarism checker exist during that time, I could have proven that she really did copy some of my entries.

Also I remember this other blogger, different person whose blog postings seem real and truly have the perfect english sort of thing but we didn't know it was just all copied from another blogger which drove the original writer so mad that she was going to bring it to justice. Poor is the girl for she lost all her readers and I for one, lost my respect to her as a blogger because of what we found out about her copying someone else's work.

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Sharon said...

I support you; if we had a plagiarism tool like AAfter Search offers, we could have proved whether our content is copied by anyone else. The tool is really different, easy and stringent too. We only need to type ***< Your Document> in the search box. The search result shows the links to WebPages, if any, that contains similar text as that of the document.


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