Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Problem With Fleas

I remember those days when our dog Giza was still with us living in that old little house in El Campo especially during summer that fleas are everywhere. For some reason fleas love to attack her delicate body during hot days and worse they get into the house and sucking my blood as well.

I hated it so much because it is so itchy, create a small big red bite all over my body and most of all when it heals, dark brown spot will be left visible for months. It was a big flea problem we had to deal with and I was searching desperately for a guide for getting rid of feline fleas.

Now that we live in a different house with a different breed dog, we are hoping that there will be no more fleas. We also try to give our dog some flea treatment every once in a while to protect her from being infested with flea.

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