Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cook top and Vent Installed

We finally have our new cook top and vent installed this morning after 2 months of waiting. I am glad we got rid of those two very gross things now. If you could see the very old cook top that is left in this house, I bet you wouldn't want to cook your food using that one. Very yellow in color and overly greased are the burners as well as the vent. As if you you wouldn't wanna lay your eyes in the vent, the oil that has accumulated in that thing hasn't been cleaned for years, just really yucky eh.

My husband cleaned them thoroughly before we could use it or else I'm gonna leave my family starving if he won't. But despite of the cleaning he had done, there are still some traces of old grease in the vent...ah nothing we could do but use them for the meantime.

I remember when we first got into this house just before we moved in, I couldn't stand the smell in the kitchen that those Vietnamese people left for us to clean up. Foul smell is what gonna meet you in the door when you open it. Imagine how gross is that when you get to see the cook top as well as the vent? Ingon ana sila kahugawan nga ang baho naabot sa gawas.

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