Monday, January 4, 2010

infant travel bed

I plan of visiting the Philippines at the end of this year. Hopefully, God will allow us to travel, no hindrances and no uncontrollable instances could happen. Same as last time, I am going to bring my baby with me, the mere fact that my parents and siblings will be seeing my baby again makes me so anxious of our next travel. However, this can be difficult for me having an infant in a 22-hour flight. I would want us to be comfortable while in the long flight and guess this infant travel bed best suits for my Jadyn. Or if she is too big for this one, I might find another strategy to make her comfortable during our long journey to the Philippines.

This infant travel bed has a collapsible frame is great for an afternoon or extended travel. Very handy, lightweight, perfect for a nap on the go plus it offers diaper changing comfort as well. I have experienced all the difficulties of diaper changing in a small lavatory with a baby in the airplane and for me it was like hell. But despite of all those travel hardships, I still want to travel to my home country.

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