Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Adding A New Blog

I am thinking seriously whether to make a new blog or stick with my four old ones that are being in the paid blogging. Money is so tight these days and all I want is to save some for my upcoming trip, don't know when but I am planning of visiting the Philippines hopefully this year. But how can I have some extra left if the money I make is only enough for my financial support to my family every month?

On the other hand, if I add a new blog which will be totaled five in all I am afraid that I am not able to update it all at one time. I don't like that because I am not used to letting my blogs go idle for days. However, if this the only choice I have, then might as well go ahead and create a new one. Next thing I would do is look for a webhosting that is dependable at all times, cheaper than any other webhosting sites out there at the same time can give me great service throughout my subscription to them.

After all these things can be done then I am ready to register this new blog to this very popular blogging site that gives ample of tasks for each blogger every week.

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