Saturday, January 2, 2010

This Year's Ultimate Goal

... is to be able to get behind the wheels on my own. I am so tired of my situation always dragging my husband wherever I want to go. I feel I'm of no use at all because a simple grocery trip can't be done due to the fact that I don't DRIVE. If I can wish one thing, that would be being independent once again. Getting my freedom back is a top priority before another year comes.

I could have been driving by now if I was only persistent enough in pursuing my driving lesson. The unexpected big move to our house caused it all but even so I should have not let things hinder me from doing the very big task I wanted to do. You see, most of my acquaintances are now driving. Only me that is left feeling like a crippled frog.

1 comment:

Selina said...

you are not the only one! go girl!


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