Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's Been A Long Time

...since I had a long talk with my family in the Philippines. My international call minutes is low but I tried using it last night, nobody answered the phone. We tried to voice chat on ym but all I could hear was a static on the line, their microphone and webcam are broken.

It's been like that for 2 weeks now at the most, pisses me off. Someone from there suggested that I should just buy a webcam with built in mic in it so we can voice chat again but then there is this second option about sending a magic jack over there so they can just call me anytime they want at no cost. I am confused as to what I'm gonna buy for them.

If I'll buy them an A4tech cam, I'll be able to hear and see them online but since papa don't know how to operate the computer it will only be during weekends we can chat. However, if I choose the second option, he can just call me on the phone anytime he wants but it's gonna be a month before I can send them the usb. Confused here eh. I don't want to buy them both of the cam and magic jack for I am kind of tight right now plus sooner I need to send them money.

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