Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Almost Devastating

This is what my family told me just before Christmas day, that our cab has got into accident and it was badly damaged that would cost them 70K for repair. I wasn't worried for the cab, instead I worry for my father's condition. What if he'll think so hard of what had happened to his dear cab and HB kicks in and something unfavorable will happen to him? God forbid!

I thought it wasn't serious and when I showed the picture to my husband he said, it is major. Lol, what do I know about accident? Unlike my husband, he sees it, he deals with it almost everyday of his life so I trust him na when he said it's not just a small thing to deal with.

Anyway, I called my father just moments ago and he was saying that everything is taken care of now. The mechanics are now starting to work on the cab and the Koreans paid the labor in advance and they agreed to buy the materials or the cab parts needed for repair themselves. What a good news indeed along with it is the success of my brother's job application to the cruise line. Praise the Lord, for He never let us down. He never leave us when we need Him the most. For this I am so much happier and feel blessed.

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*MrsMartinez* said...

Good thing your dad is safe! xoxo


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