Friday, September 18, 2009

Good News To Us

We just received good news today from the police officer in Edge Cliff village telling us that the Vietnamese family living in the house that my husband currently owned had moved out. They probably left last night and we're just so happy to know it. For years we've been wanting to find a bigger place for our family to live and we couldn't because my husband is tied up to the mortgage of that house.

We'd spent tremendous amount of money already for legal fees pertaining to that house just to get things straightened out. This coming December a court hearing will take place with regards again in that same house in EV. Man! You just don't know how happy we are because we both think that we will be able to move out before this year ends.

Although there will be some repairing of damages and cleaning to do coming ahead but I guess it is ok as long as DILI NAMI MAGHUOT according to some antagonists who said that to me before.

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