Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chicken Catcher Won America's Got Talent

"Kung magbiro nga naman ang tadhana oh!" That line fits perfectly as to what happened to Kevin Skinner, one of the contestants of America's Got Talent who won the prize of 1 Million dollar tonight plus a headline show in Las Vegas.

I felt for his extreme happiness when Nick Cannon announced the winner and it was Kevin Skinner of Kentucky who is a chicken catcher and currently unemployed. From the moment I saw him singing in his heart on television nights ago, I followed him on the show until the finale. There is something in this man that touched my being that is why I stick to him and have my vote from then on. Who would've thought that out of ten finalists he will make it to top two and got all America's votes???

I for one, who spent my little time voting for him on the internet and on the cellphone hoping that he could win kay louy kaayo tawhana ug kinabuhi! Please watch the video of him narrating how his life is like before winning the 1M dollar. CLICK HERE. A small information about him can be found here Kevin Skinner's Info.

Grabi ang kapalaran sa taw ug ang Ginoo na ang magbuot ang tanan may katumanan!

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