Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Terrible Two

I noticed my baby girl's change in behaviour lately. Since she turned 20 months old she is kind of change in her attitude. It is new to me and I am wondering what happen to my once very good girl baby? I mean, I am not used to this. What she's having right now is what they call "Terrible Two" that toddlers are throwing into their parents in this period of time in their lives.

I am telling this because my girl has changed a lot! Like for instance, when she is awake she would just whine and whine without any reason to be whining about. When I'm busy and she knows I am busy she would just try to get in my way even if there is nothing to get where I'm standing, she wants to be carried most of the time which I cannot do because I have other things to mind and she's heavy. I don't wanna have a broken back you know.

Another situation that shows she's having a tantrum is when she wants something and I don't give it to her, she would scream and do her popular faking cry....with no tears at all! Huh drama torga pa. Earlier today, I tried feeding her for she hasn't been eating good since yesterday. And while I did that she cried and so I forced her to jam some food in her mouth.

But the more I do that, the more she screams! Pisses me off! What I did then is walked away from her and went to my computer, she followed me here crying... I can't handle the situation so I walked away from her again the second time and went back to the living room, locked the gate and just let her cry and cry and cry there! After about 15 minutes of crying she then called my name, MEME! MEME! MEME! But I didn't even bother to look at her nor entertain he then she called her dada pleading! That is when I gave in and picked her up.

I hope that it will serve as her lesson that it's no good to be crying when she doesn't get her way. I don't want her to become a brat, you know? I want her to be a good baby just like the way she used to be.


MamaLot said...

nag manya diay ang baby nga behave man na kaayo ni anhi diri katulo raman gani guro kadungog niya ni bahikhik diri... hilomon kaayong bataa oi liwat sa daddy na...

""rare*jonRez"" said...

hahaha... anne, grabe jud nga terrible 2 tantrums sa imong anak kay amerkano man na ug liwat. mao man na ilang blood guro! LOL akong Triz sauna, mo-sugod gani ug manya nga walay pulos, i have to stop her right away. dinagku akong pag-deal aning bataa ba. ako pasabot sa iya nga what mama says, you'll do kay walay i-ingon si mama nga makadaut. tough man kaayo ko. i would always remind her nga dili mohilak kung walay hinungdan. mosabot kung dili ma-atiman ni mama kay daghan atimanonon , esp. the kitchen and stuff. nisabot pud baya. ang amahan man ani ang considerate, mag-lalis gani mi kay di ko gusto mo-telarate. pero pasagdan nalang naku kay tough man kaayo ko. so at least, naa syay sandigan. lol bisan pa naa ang mga apohan, way mahimo kung ako kasab-an akong anak. "what mama says, you'll do" man akoang taras. nagtubo pud baya nga buotan. hehehe... unya ang nakalami kay bisan tough kaayo si mama sa iya, mama's girl ra japon.

as for you, daghan jud ka challenges, kay natural man na sa mga american babies. saon! hahaha


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