Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stephanie Clair

I am so anxious to move out soon so we can be free from paying a house and storage rentals every month. Instead of giving the money to other people we could just pay the remaining balance owed to the house that we're currently working on. I know for a fact that storage rental isn't cheap at all but we don't have a choice. We got so much stuff stored in there so we must pay.

I believe when we are finally out of this little house, we will be able to sort out things that we already have including the different art paintings to be hanged on the wall. If for some reason there'll be no enough framed art then that will be the time I shall be looking at Stephanie Clair's artwork.

I am on the website right now and I find her work to be unique.She got plenty of mosaic and painting jobs displayed on this site and they come in different sizes too suitable for small or big wall spaces.

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