Thursday, September 10, 2009

No Use

I have been feeling so useless for the past couple of months. Whole summer didn't bring me any good for I was stucked inside the house until now. It's not over yet and still so hot outside especially at 4-6 p.m, can't walk my child to the park. Soooooooo lazy eh! This makes me guilty for I feel being unproductive throughout summer, not even helping my husband doing his yard.

I wish I can do something worthwhile before this season ends and also do something good to my husband on our anniversary to make up those lazy boring days with him.


Anonymous said...

Its been too dang hot to do anything outside this summer, except swim, and even then sometimes the water is so hot it makes people nauseated.

Don't feel guilty, it's good for him. Just look at it as though you are sacrificing to let him be a good husband, haha.

Fashion Chic said...

I think every one feels like this now and again. Don't be so hard on yourself. You are useful. You keep a blog, keep people updated on your life and entertained. That's a good thing :)


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