Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hair Raising Story!!

Before you read the story on this post, please read my entry before this one so you will get a better comprehension why I share this story here on my blog.

The following was lifted from it's original source MAHALO.COM

The following is a story about KEVIN SKINNER from one of his fansites that I thought you might enjoy: It shows what type of person Kevin is:

Kevin’s ‘Big Heart’ shines for LA homeless man!

Kevin was recently standing on the balcony of his 2nd floor hotel room in LA looking down at the people below. A homeless man looked up and asked him if he had a shirt he would give him.

Kevin asked, “Long sleeves or short sleeves?”

The man replied, “Long sleeves.”

Kevin went to his closet and picked out a shirt and threw it down to him. Then the man asked if he had a dollar that he could spare. Kevin didn’t hesitate at the man’s request… he went inside and put some money into a small empty box and threw it down to the homeless man. When the man looked up and thanked Kevin… with tears in his eyes, all Kevin could manage to say was, “God bless you!”

Later on that day he was talking to his Mom and he was telling her about the incident… and being a Mom… this was her reply…

“Son, you have to be very careful out there… you never know about people like that.”

Kevin didn’t say anything for a second… and then he asked…

“Now, Mom, what would Jesus have told me to do?”

Is there any wonder why we all love this wonderful man?

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MamaLot said...

nindot gyud siya tingog oi mao deserving sad nidaog sya... nice kaayo sa from rags to riches hehehe


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