Friday, April 25, 2008

Nice Long Walk

I finally had a chance to do some walking with my babies early evening.It felt good afterwards because we made quite a long walk going back and forth using the small pavement that the Airforce Village has. I felt safer here,no cars passing by,so quiet and surrounded with gate so I took advantage of rare chance to get some exercise by walking.

Pretty sure my baby Jadyn really enjoyed the walking as well for she just stay calm and quiet the whole time we were there. For the third round I took chichai with us because she was in the back porch scratching the screen door of Pops wanting to go out too so I invited her to walk with us. That is how my day ended here in AFV.

I am looking forward to do the walking again next time we will be here.Such a pleasant place to be staying Airforce Village 1.

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