Sunday, April 20, 2008

Yes Success! I Got My Rest

Wow! I feel so happy and fine this morning! I believe there'll be no complaining of being tired today because my husband did his job last night.He was the one who attended the baby all night.What a good father he is. I got full 8 hours of sleep last night weeewwww.A big success for me!

I went to bed early at 11 and as soon as my body landed on to the bed,closed my eyes and went to the dreamland immediately.I didn't even know what time my husband went to bed for I really was tired and slept quickly.Here he is right now,just got the sleep he deserve.Snoring and sleeping.Poor lalabs.So is the baby..still sleeping...good for them.Lucky me too because I can concentrate in my computer.

Good day guys! I see you around later.

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