Friday, April 11, 2008

Many Wish She'll Be Eliminated

My most loved in American Idol today is Kristy Lee Cook.She may not have the nicest voice among the contestants but atleast she can sing,she has the voice and that is my own opinion. I just love the way she carries her clothes,her face is very very beautiful. I love her eyes,cheeks and lips! Almost perfect plus the sexy slim body she has.Unlike Brooke,she looks old fashioned by the way she dress.

Embedded is her last perfomarnce that gained Simon's compliment! "You look like a star tonight" according to him.And oh he thought that it was a good choice of song for her.So keep going Girl! My support is in you.

1 comment:

Ritchiela said...

Hahaha,old fashioned kay pila nay edad pod anang Brook?UNya married na pod siya so okay ra ba...

Kinsa kahay modaog ani nila ron nga natanggal naman kaha diay si Ramielle?Wa man gud niy au akong kaipon kay way hilig sa AI...magsaba-saba ug tan-aw ko AI unya di ko ka nuon sabaan gyud ning bayhana ba bisan ang mga tao nangatug,way paki!whoaaaaaaaa


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