Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Good Girls

How lucky I am for having good girls in this house.The human baby is soo good and a well-behaved child. Even if she is too sleepy she would just coo and try to entertain herself. She did not cry and just waited for me when I will be done doing the dishes and eating my dinner. When everything was good,I came to her and swaddle her tight,man she just sleep right away and did not give me a hard time.

Another baby,Chichai is also a good girl.Lightning and thunderstorm is here and she is kind of scared.Since I am so busy she just keep following for she really is scared,I can't pet her.Time to take a shower and she followed me in the bathroom.Sitting on the rug,not forcing herself to get into the water because I am not gonna bath her.

She was just sitting quietly the whole time I was taking my shower,she was not even messing with the toilet paper which is very strange of her because she normally is a teaser.Hmmm good girls we have.My husband and I both love them so much!

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