Thursday, April 24, 2008

San Antonio Here We Come

Thanks God we arrived in our destination safe and sound.The whole family was doing good and all were just happy. We brought our dog with us because no one will be left to take good care of her while we are away.She was so sick at first,we have not left Fort Worth and drove for few blocks and there she was,throwing up a bunch.So gross.I was eating my lunch in the car when she throw up.She really ruined my apetite.

And then when we were on the highway,she throw up again for the second time.Man,I felt pity for her for I know how it feels like being sick in a running vehicle.After that she was fine,went back to her normal self and played a little bit on her dad's lap.On the other hand,our human baby was just sooooo amazing.She really loved her ride.She stayed quiet and smiling the entire trip.

Ok I am not gonna make this post long because it is almost midnight and I am very tired.Baby is waiting for me now.Goodnight bloggy! Goodnight fellow bloggers and readers!

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