Monday, April 21, 2008

Used Cadillacs in Harrisburg,PA

How do you like owning a Cadillac? Do you find yourself dreaming of driving such kind of luxurious car? If you are located in PA,then you should visit this link here
Used Cadillacs Harrisburg PA to browse for used cadillacs.Either you want used or new,it has the same features and capabability so you can never look down the used ones. Sutliff Auto Group is the one responsible for providing outstanding service to Central PA for over 75 years.

This company has been at 13th and Paxton St in Harrisburg since 1931,so that alone can only prove to you how good they are when it comes to selling cars for they would not last that long if they are not. They are said to be the first Saturn dealership anywhere.Cadillac is one of their most selling cars aside from this they also deal with GM and hummer.This was started in July 2002 of course but cadillacs have just added to them. You should try buying or looking for these cars from them guys if you are in PA for they are working hard to make your cadillac ride a more satisfying and comfortable ride you have ever experienced.

Browse now and see what you can buy if you have anything you like.

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