Wednesday, April 30, 2008

blue man a fraud

I never heard such a blue man before.Until one time a friend of mine told me about Paul Karason being dubbed by media as the blue man because of what they thought he is taking colloidal silver that makes his skin turn into blue.This is all just disinformation given by the media to the public.This was to purposely scare the public away from using colloidal silver products.But no,this products was not because of the man's blue condition. It was because Paul Karason was making his own solution that he believed he made a colloidal silver solution.Not he was not making colloidal silver.His solution was mostly highly concentrated ionic silver plus he also added salt to the brew that make it even more dangerous.

Those are substances that are known to be the cause of argyria,then he applied the solution on his skin that caused his body to become an internal and external photographic plate.So I hope those who are still blinded by the wrong fact will read this so their minds will be corrected on how the blue man turned blue and it is not because he was taking colloidal silver.Pass this on to your friends to add information to the public so that those who are taking colloidal silver have nothing to worry about for they are safer than ever.

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