Thursday, April 17, 2008

Vegetable Stew

I would never replace my vegetable stew with fatty steaks or cheese burgers.Aside from the nutrients I get,it's what I used to eat back in the Philippines.I grew up with it.My mother cook utan bisaya all the time for her family. My poor intestines would always look for the taste of it so I'll die eating my utan-bisaya.

I know most of my friends who like it.This is good for breast feeding mother to supply enough milk for nourishment to their babies.Taste yummy guys,right?


Yog said...

Hi sis,

I already add your 3 links in my Blog Roll Check it out Here . Please add mine too ;0

Thank you very much and hope to hear more from you soon ;0

Utah Mommy said...

Naa pay salin ani dai kay atong tabangan ug higop sabaw? hekhekhek gigutom man nuon ko gatan aw ani woi paibog gyud ka ba

gLeN'S gIrL said...

kalami ba ana oi..paibog manka bayot...mag utan sad ko oi..arun magka baby sad ko..hehehe..musta

Princess said...

This looks so yummmy! And those vegetables, so fresh and Pinas looking. One of my favorite dishes, too.
BTW, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my WW post.
Your little darling is very pretty.


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