Thursday, April 10, 2008

Last Night for Michael Johns

Avid fans of Michael Johns were shocked including one of the judges Paula Abdul. He's got the lowest vote for the other night's show.Wewww people were booing when Ryan announced who is going home. I also can't believe he was eliminated because I thought he owns the heart by millions of Americans. Plus he's got a voice of a true rocker.
Well,as they say,it's not the end for him but it's the beginning of a bright career for Michael Johns.Too sad though that his fans will no longer be seeing him performing on stage of American Idol.


Utah Mommy said...

I know!!!!! I hate the result! i don't like it you know, he's my idol and i love him, pwede pa lang ni rentahan tawhana ug one night akong hulman, pero kay minyo naman lagi ug di pod tingali ni musugot nga ang morenta niya butete gabusyad ang agi hikhikhikhik

jana said...

waaahhh i though its shaisha or the other white girl forgot the name the one who always at bottom 3... cant believe it! tsk tsk tsk


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