Monday, June 1, 2009

Heat and Headache

When we went back home from the dentist's office today, it was already very hot. Now this is the time that I dread to come this year. It is barely summer yet and look what it got me, a headache. Not that I am being maarte it's just that it's freaking hot and humid is the weather now.

Those experience the 80s almost 90s temperature can relate to this posting or the ones who live in Texas and other dry hot states! Three months I am going to feel the heat and there is nowhere else to go but stay home. I wish me and my friends can get to go somewhere fun and there's water so we can all soak our bodies in the pool.


""rare*jonRez"" said...

i know what you're talking about anne. we ran errands earlier and it was only in the 80s here, naa gai hangin usahay pero mura na jud makasunog ang kainit. d lagi ko ka-imagine magpuyo sa vegas nga moabot daw tag 120F in july. saon nalanag jud ang migraine. unya akong egat ganiha paggawas namo sa wal-mart, naglingkod sya sa cart, ingon dayon sya nga "hot, mang, where's my glasses?" perti nakung katawa, akong giingnan nga "ka-arte ba nimo nak oi!" hahaha. nanambon nalang sya sa iyang mata kay hot daw kaayo unya wala syay glasses. saon! ang bisdak nga daku natawo man sa snowhan wa nauon naanad sa ka-humid sa pinas! :D

jenn_US said...

i can relate anne. today it's 92 degrees here, tinood jud ka labad kaau sa ulo, mura mabuak ako head oi. maau gani ka kay u can just stay at home, sus kapoy kaau kay inig work everyday, inig lunchbreak ug inig hapon when it is time to go home, waaah, kalami jud idagan sa pool, hahah


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