Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Salute To America

I never thought that my biggest dream will be fulfilled and yes it came true. Coming to America has been my childhood dream. I am living in my dream, that's one thing I can proudly say for sure.

Next year I'll probably have my notice from the immigration for application of citizenship and for that I am so excited. When I become an American citizen this I can only promise to the country that I will be one good law abiding citizen and willing to do anything to contribute something worthwhile to this country.

But before that, I must know the country's national anthem and other patriotic songs that can only be obtained at this one particular site that sells A Salute To America digital album. This is also perfect in celebration for the coming July 4th, America's Independence day.

If you want to buy these songs for yourself. The album will be available for downloads starting June 30. Watch out though because on July 3, 2009) Amazon MP3 Will offer an "MP3 Deal Of The Day" on the digital album "A Salute To America" 30 songs for only $1.99. This digital album normally sells for $9.49. Visit Amazon for more details or by simply clicking A Salute To America.



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