Wednesday, June 3, 2009

First Time I Refused

My husband arrived early tonight. It was before sundown he came home and as soon as he stepped inside the house he asked me if we can go walk at the nearby track. With no hesitation I said no, my alibi? We, the baby, myself and the dog had already done our walk to the park at midday. But that is just one of the three reasons why I didn't wanna go. The other two were I was watching So You Think You Can Dance on t.v and also I was crazy thinking how can I finish doing all the remaining 4 opps in SS tonight.

I am kind of feeling guilty about it because it was my first time to say no to him. I love my husband to death that if as much as possible I don't want to disappoint him at any rate. Wish tomorrow isn't as busy as today so we all can go together and walk. I just have to make up with him though, hopefully madayon nami ugma!


~Billie~ said...

I missed SYTYCD last night. The station kept cutting out for some reason. We did go hiking though. Tons of fun!

Nhil said...

Tama bawi ka na lang next time. For sure your husband will understand as soon as he knew the reason why you refused to do it in the first place. :)



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