Sunday, June 7, 2009

Connection Problems

I don't understand as to why our telephone and internet connection in the Philippines has been cut off. My little sister have not been chatting for a week now due to no internet connection and no dial tone in the telephone. I thought she was just kidding me when she told me last time using the neighbor's internet.

I believe I paid the bill from last month's usage before the due date. I have a mere proof I have paid for it last May 27. If only Philippines and America were close, I would fly over there right away and bring bazooka to the PLDT office asking for war why they cut off my family's internet. I am never late when it comes to paying the bill and why the company is not being effective in providing their service to the consumer? Hmmm makalagot. I really want to talk to any of my family but I can't.. I just can't.. I can't call either via phone since it has no dial tone.

1 comment:

anne said...

girl paadtui na lang na sa imong igsoon sa cebu didto sa PLDT para maklaro kay amaw ra ba na sila pataka rag pamutol


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