Monday, June 29, 2009

I Miss My Long Hair

I've been wearing this short hair of mine for almost 5 months now. When I had it cut in the Philippines, I didn't think twice to get a very short hair since it grows for months to come.

I have no problem in maintaining my hair. It's the most manageable hair a girl can ever have and I am so lucky to have it. That is my hair on the picture taken last December, a month before I flew to PI.

Hohohoho I am missing it so bad. I thought I look good in my long hair than the current cut I have. hmmpp anways, I shouldn't blame myself for this because nobody told me to cut my hair. It was my own decision to do such thing.


Richard said...

That picture is all about the hair but it could anyones hair couldn't it? What about you? Don't let your dead keratin define you! As i tell my clients it's not about your hair it's about your face. I'm sure your short hair is nice too.

Shoshana said...

Oh no! But it will grow back. I remember the first time I chopped my hair off. It was 2AM and I can't sleep. I was 4 months pregnant with my second child and I can't untangle it. So I got some scissors and started chopping. I had like 4 inches left after I was done. Then I cried because it was gone.


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