Monday, June 22, 2009

No Shame

We were at the Chinese Buffet resto yesterday and the minute we sat down I noticed the Hispanic family right across to our table had a boy of less than a year. I saw the mess that the child created and oh man it was the messiest of the messiest of all the tables they have in their place. The floor was just awful! Such a little creature and yet very messy.

Both of the parents are eating big and filling their hungry stomach while letting their little boy continue making a mess. It was just unbelievably messy all over, lots of pieces of food dropped on the floor as well as cracker crumbs. When they left they only gave the waitress a one-dollar tip.

No shame they are. They are insulting the waitress of her service worth only one dollar? How could those idiots leave such a small tip while they were the ones had a big mess to clean up? When it was time to fix the table, the waitress looked at my husband and the husband nodded his head feeling sorry to the girl. The other Hispanic family adjacent to our table was so quiet knowing that it was the same blood of theirs who just made a shameful act in the restaurant.

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