Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Camps

It would be a good idea if someday Jadyn, our baby can join any fun activities during summer like for example going to Summer Camps nearby. I would love to do this so she will learn to interact with other kids, play responsibly and most of all get to mingle with kids of all ages who join the summer camp. Although she had gained quite a bit of exposure to other kids already but I don't think it is enough for her. Most of the time she is isolated here with me in the house for the fact that I don't drive just yet.

When I have the courage to learn how to drive, I am very sure both me and the baby will be busy for fun activities that we might find interesting to join in. There are several Summer Camps here in our area but Jadyn is perhaps too young to be joining over there. Hopefully though when she grows older by then I will be driving so I can take her to a summer camp. With my husband's inspiration and support, Jadyn the baby will be happy to have found several friends of her age.

By the way, before I end this post let me tell you something that Yovia.com is a perfect website to be when it comes to finding summer camps in your area and find the events that your kids can possibly participate so to keep them busy all summer.



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