Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cooler Week For Us

What a sudden change of temperature we are experiencing here in Texas right now. It's been two days since we have temperature below 50's. For weeks, we have had 84 degrees F and it was awesome. We were able to wear flip flops, sleeveless shirts and shorts outside but then this week is so different. From 84 down to 48-50 degrees. What a crazy and fickle weather Texas has. But, I am not complaining though. I like it this way, for a change...if we always have sunny sun shine, it would be a bit boring..we thought we could hide our jackets away but no no, not just yet! It will be cooler for the whole week for us here! I just hope my plants that are now starting to grow don't wilt or die...

...... this picture here was taken last Friday when the sun was up high and temperature was up to 80's. Today we cannot even stay outside for five minutes without jackets on or we'll that deep chill the temperature has brought us... and take note, it's gloomy and some drizzles too!

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