Friday, March 25, 2011

Spice Racks

I do love to cook. I love the idea that I can make dishes I want to eat without going out or the need for someone to prepare it for me. Although there are some things here in America that cannot be bought fresh like the fish, seafoods and etc, I still manage to make a delectable recipe out of them especially the fish. I feel that what we can buy here has long been frozen and the taste is so different than a fresh fish but it is a matter how you cook it, the seasonings and the spices you add to it to make it taste good. I do use a lot of spices in my food, fresh ones. We also have dried spices just laying there, untouched.

The dried ones were bought by my husband I don't know for sure how old they are. All I can remember is that, there were already in our kitchen spice racks when I arrived here in America, that was five years ago. We moved into our own house and the spices are still there just laying around. I don't know what happen to the old spice rack we have. I think I need to buy a new spice rack so that they will be neatly arranged and can be seen everytime I am in the kitchen cooking food. I know a website that sells spice racks and beautiful wall spice rack at It's the ultimate source for Spice Racks of every size, finish, style and material.

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