Sunday, March 13, 2011

Key logger

Our girl started using her own computer at age two. Since she is still a child, her knowledge to what sites she is going to use are limited. There are many educational websites that most toddlers and kids above 5 can go to in order to learn. In fact, is where my Jadyn learned to read the alphabet letters, recognize numbers and different colors and shapes. It is such an awesome website that is used for teachers and parents for their kids and I am thankful it exist on the internet.

As Jadyn progressed, she finds youtube to be an alternative to starfall. There, it shows plenty of kindergarten rhymes and songs but I don't think she is interested with that. What she likes watching most on youtube are cartoons like donald duck, mickey mouse etc. Meanwhile, I am at ease her using the computer since she is only a child and doesn't know other sites other than those two mentioned sites. But when she is grows old and are smart enough to explore that there could be more fun and exciting websites available, I might consider getting a Key logger manufactured by brickhouse security. This is to instantly and secretly captures passwords, chats, screenshots and more. It is easy to use, works with any personal computer including laptops and most of all it provide total surveillance - means it records all computer activity even on the other user accounts.

This is of course for the sake of our own child so that we will know what she is up to in the computer when we are not watching her. I am yet to read the product review in a minute. For now, let me explore more of this product as I am convinced this can really help us in the future.

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