Monday, March 21, 2011

Because She Got Quiet

One afternoon, I went looking for my big girl for the world suddenly got quiet and I was thinking where she might be. I called her name several times but no one answered me. I checked in her bedroom but the girl wasn't there. I went to the kitchen and this is what I found (look at the photos). She was on the floor sitting down, sucking her milk that she took out of the refrigerator. It was her first time to do such thing and it shocked me so much seeing her like that. She looked really cute that I burst out to laugh upon seeing her with a gallon of milk beside her, poured some into her sippy cup and most of all, she had a nice milk foot spa at the comfort of her own kitchen.

Honestly, at first I was gonna get mad at her for making a mess, spilling the milk on the floor and played with it but then I realized the scene was JUST TOO CUTE to be mad or upset about. So I grabbed my camera and did not miss to capture the sweetest girl that had fun sipping milk at the same time having her foot spa. Ahhhhhhhh what can I say? AWESOME GIRL SHE IS!

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