Thursday, March 10, 2011

Decorative Rain Chains

One and a half weeks from now will be Spring. When that season arrives, we would expect plenty of rain and tornadoes throughout the whole season. What choice do we Texans have? We should be thankful because we do have short Winter here that means less cold months to suffer. Spring is my second favorite season of the year for it is when flowers bloom, trees grow leaves and everything will be colorful.

Speaking of Spring, we are so ready for that. Our garden is set up and guess what? We do have extra barrels spare to catch some rain to use in watering our plants during hot Summer days, this is of course to help us save some money on our water bill, yah know? All we have to do is install faucet on each of the barrel and probably install a rain gutter chain into the barrels, not only it is useful but also it serves as a decorative sort of chain in the backyard or if my significant other prefers to use other rain chains style or the simple type then it is fine. We can also use some garden rain chains to save ourselves some trouble walking into the garden to water the plants.

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