Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tidy For A While

I cleaned up Jadyn's bedroom yesterday because I can no longer stand the clutter that's been there for weeks. When I want to get something in her bedroom I had to do tiptoeing and careful enough not to step on any of the small toys she has. I know it's not gonna stay organized like this but at least I managed to fix the clutter for a while. It took me at least half an hour to put things in order and vacuum the carpet afterwards while it only takes her five minutes to scatter everything! Tidying up her room isn't easy and I hate doing it.

......... right now all stuff toys of hers are in the proper places, not a single toy on the floor is seen and it's obviously just vacuumed in this room.

...... her small closet where I put her books, toys in a bucket and more stuff toys up above so she can't reach them....

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