Sunday, March 13, 2011

On Their Own

I wish kids in the Philippines have the same training or brought up by their parents the same as Americans do. At age 18, they tend to seek their own life outside from their parents' home, would rent a house or go somewhere to go to college. They will find a job while attending school, of course they would need their parent's minimal help but not to the extent of depending on them until forever. Unlike the Philippines, they don't have a sense of independence even when they get married or have children, they would stick or continue living under their parents' roof if possible until they grow old. Worse, they even let their parents (some if not all) look after their kids.

In America, young kids at least eighteen years old have already started building their credit so as they grow mature they already have a credit score. That is a good thing about them that I admire. Although, not all American kids are responsible enough to do the thing. Others don't think that if they don't handle their spending carefully, it can also ruin their credibility in the future. That is why they are advised to not delay any payments so to maintain that clean reputation from credit companies. If one is interested and would like to know how their credit is standing, they can have a free credit score here. This free credit score is brought to us by They are a leading provider of credit scores, reports and consumer credit information, along with identity theft protection services.

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