Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Digging Through My Girl's Old Clothes

As I dug into my big girl's old clothes and other baby stuff, I found out that I still have most of the necessary stuff a newborn would need. I am glad I didn't give all of them when I went to the Philippines last 2009 otherwise I will be spending money again trying to gather what my newborn needs during the first few months of her life. How happy I am to have another baby girl on the way because now we have someone to use Jadyn's outgrown clothes and toys. I don't have to start from the beginning trying to buy different colors if I had a baby boy!

I also found out that what I gave out were only really small things like some receiving blankets, mittens, some newborn hats, socks, onesies and some bibs. That is okay though, those are not expensive to buy. I might want to have a baby shower in the next few weeks and I can just include them in my baby registry so those who want to attend the baby shower can pick which one they would like to bring for the baby. And as for strollers, crib and bouncer, I still have them. All I need to do is wash them and I am ready. Do I sound excited? You betcha, just a little bit excited for now...

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