Saturday, April 24, 2010

Resting For A While

We were so busy today cleaning up the bushes that goes around the house. They are not just ordinary bushes but they are older than ten years so cutting them down wasn't easy as we thought it was. Lots of branches intertwined together that made it so difficult to get to the main branch. Although I didn't do it, my husband did but I saw how he had a hard time cutting them off one by one. I on the other hand, dragging the bushes which are heavy (the big ones) using my bare hands was panting from walking back and forth a hundred times to and from the backyard and front yard. That made me panting so bad like a dog haha.

Anyway, we are not done with our job yet, we still gonna go out there and clean some more. I am just here relaxing for a while while browsing or reading articles pertaining to sports betting, sports betting tips, betting picks and reviews and others. One of the topics I found interesting is this unfortunate student who lost his entire student loan betting on the African Cup of Nations earlier this month when he lumped a whopping £4,400 on Angola to beat Mali in the group stages. If you were that kid, would you willing to put your future at stake just because of your addiction to sports?

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