Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Beautiful Piece

So it is not just me who notice the beauty of mantle clock it brings to one's house. So does my friend in the east coast too. I visited her page one time and I read there what she wrote about how nice it would be to have a piece of one huge nicer clock like mantle clocks in the house. Foe me, I can greatly compare it to hair streaks , if you look at somebody's hair with streaks you would notice it the first time you take a glance at her or him.

Although the clock is a beautiful piece and everybody wants it but not everybody can afford to buy it, it is a unique and rare piece of clock that costs more than any ordinary clocks. However, if a person is really interested of having this clock, he or she can save money and buy it as a treat for himself. I am optimistic, someday we can own one too like the one on the internet that I have been eying for so long. Obviously, we cannot have it right now as we do have too many things need to prioritize in this house and for our family plus there is this up coming big trip to my home country.

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