Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yahoo's Top Careers To Stay

If you plan of switching careers, think a million times what it's gonna be and if it's gonna stay forever for you to have a solid future. Consider taking any of these jobs and get started by enrolling yourself pertaining to these careers then you all be set towards working as one of these professions.

1. Physical therapy
Physical therapists are health professionals who help people restore physical function and movement, often in consultation with doctors. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) those at the top earn six-figure incomes.

2. Automotive specialties
Auto specialists do things like mechanical work, collision repair, artistic auto painting, and antique-vehicle restoration; some even work on high-performance race cars. According to the BLS, the best (and most fun!) opportunities go to people with formal career training, which can range from two-year associate's degree programs to bachelor's degrees in mechanical engineering. Top auto-repair specialists earn over $50,000 a year, and those who add mechanical engineering degrees can earn nearly $80,000.

3. Writing
Most working writers have bachelor's degrees in English, journalism, or communications, but other degrees are acceptable in many industries if applicants demonstrate good writing skills. Many work on marketing, instructional, and technical materials; online journalism is popular, too. (Only a few writers pen bestsellers and award-winning screenplays.) Many writers work as freelancers, so business courses can come in handy as well. In-demand professional writers and editors can earn six-figure incomes. There are many opportunities, but competition is keen because many people want to enjoy this career.

4. Legal careers
Legal careers can allow you to work in any area that interests you, including environmental law, estate planning, personal injury, and politics. And there is a career for every education level--from legal-assistant certificate programs to bachelor's degrees in paralegal studies to Juris Doctor (JD) degrees for attorneys. Despite excellent growth in these professions, the BLS states that competition will be tough, and you'll need formal training to grab the best jobs. Earning potential for top-level pros ranges from about $60,000 for legal secretaries and assistants to about $75,000 for paralegals, to hefty six-figure salaries for lawyers.

5. Advertising
Advertising is a sexy profession and a "highly coveted" one, according to the BLS. So of course there's a lot of competition. Advertising, marketing, public-relations, and sales managers are responsible for their companies' market research; marketing strategies; public image; print, online, and TV ads; and more.

Information lifted from its original source, YAHOO HOTJOBS

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