Thursday, April 29, 2010

Below 100 Pounds

You Are an Ectomorph

You are thin and lean. You don't put on weight easily.

Ectomorphs are known for being private, introverted, and brilliant.

It's likely that you are introspective, philosophical, and even artistic.

Other people tend to make you a bit tense, but being alone is both inspiring and comforting.

What's Your True Body Type?

I am 5'1" in height and I don't consider myself too short for Filipino standards. I weigh 98 pounds which I am good at maintaining throughout summer. I can be heavier during Winter and that is understandable, cold months make me lazy and I don't do any exercise at all. Gaining weight though doesn't panic me for I don't gain that much weight nor it's hard for me to lose the extra pounds I have. What I do is eat and eat and eat and when I go up almost 100 pounds, I tend to slow down pigging out, do a little exercise or do after 6 which is very effective for me and I am good. I don't need to seriously go on dieting just like other people do. I am normally thin ya know?

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