Friday, June 25, 2010

Second Pair Of Eyes

If you are curious enough to know what I am up to lately, I am glad to tell you virtual world that I got so hooked into playing bejeweled blitz on facebook lately. It's like most of my time is spent playing this game. I don't know what's in my husband mind seeing me like this. He is off for one week due to the death we just had last weekend so he is taking the whole week off to give himself sometime to mourn for his loss.

Anyway, so here I am on the computer all day long, my eyes are kind of overworked too. The gems on bejeweled blitz have very strong colors that I feel like I am poked with real sharp needles in my eyes. I guess I need to consult an eye doctor for this before it gets severe. A pair of eyeglasses should be recommended then it is fine with me as long as I won't feel that throbbing pain anymore. Of course, is the only place I want to buy my eyeglasses if ever the doctor urges me to wear them. I have visited this website a couple times before and I find their selections to be the best of all online stores I have been to.

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