Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Resisting Temptation

I am proud of myself for resisting temptation just moments ago. I browsed at Victoria's Secret website looking for sale and clearance items when I suddenly remember I received a $10 off my next purchase attached to the catalogue they sent me weeks ago. A ten-dollar off is such a huge amount of discount to let it pass by.

So there I went to the site, just browsing though for I don't feel like buying for clothing at this time then I moved on to their Secret Garden collection, I found myself choosing three different smells of lotion and a body mist, clicked on check out button and actually entered the offer code when I remember, wait a minute, something is wrong here. Why would I buy for something I don't really need? Although the final price of merchandise purchased is only twelve bucks but heyyyyy that doesn't give me justice from spending so much lately.

What I did is before I could hit the PURCHASE button I quickly closed the window and left my computer, tore off the coupon attached to the catalogue and hid it in my wallet. You may think I am crazy for putting it in my wallet but it is safer there for when it's there I will only forget it until it expires. So that was my story this morning. I was able to stop myself from online shopping which I know I will regret later for spending money instead of saving it.

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