Monday, June 21, 2010

Sad On My Birthday!

I am happy! It's my birthday today yoooooohoooooooooo! While I celebrate life, my father in-law is fighting for his life also that makes my natal day a sad one at the same time. He's been ill and he gets worse everyday. It's been four days he hasn't eating anything not even a drop of water. Hohohoho, I am worried, I am sad and I miss him already.

Before when we come down here to see him, the very first thing he would give me is his big hug saying "Hi, baby" and warm welcoming arms of his were expected. During the last three visits he couldn't afford to do that anymore as he is very weak and ill. So unfortunate that he could no longer watch his new grandchild grow. Oh, Lord if you plan of taking him soon, I pray that You welcome him in Heaven, forgive his sins and let his soul be in peace with You! above was taken yesterday, Father's Day. I am glad we made it here on time for Father's Day to visit and spend it with him.

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