Thursday, June 17, 2010

Birthday Wish Granted

I jumped for joy when I received the package in the mail yesterday. I actually received two, the one from Old Navy I ordered last week and the other one in a small box that my husband bought online for me. wEEEEEEEEEWWWW I am blessed, I am spoiled by him. I wished to have this cute GUESS? watch and he bought it as his birthday present for his wife.

I am just very happy I got this watch, it is so light and pretty. I know it is nothing special compared to expensive watches out there but the thought of having it is beyond compare. Do you know the feeling when you really love something and you are dying to get it, you asked your husband to buy it for you and he bought it for his wife with no hesitation? That is exactly what I feel right now, I am overjoyed. Hmmmmmm I am one lucky wife. I knew he was not going to disappoint me and I knew I am gonna get what I want. Very nice husband, indeed!

....... I can wear this forever and not wanting to buy another watch as I am falling in love with this one... thanks a million times to hubbylabs...goodness gracious!

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