Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Screwed Up

I think my computer is screwed up now. It acted up on me yesterday afternoon. I didn't do anything with it except open websites that I visit frequently. In the middle of my stay on Facebook, a small window popped up sending a notification a website has been blocked. And when I closed the small box everything went crazy. I suspected it was from the website I got from dropping my ECs earlier that day. I kept opening the site for 3 times even if I received a warning from my antivirus that it was dangerous.

As a result I lost my yahoo messenger, google chrome and internet explorer cannot open websites. If I type yahoo or google on the address bar, it leads me to a very weird website that I have never been before. I feel so frustrated trying to figure out things what happened to my computer.

I downloaded back my ym but still couldn't log in, this disabled me from listening beautiful love songs on yahoo. Thankfully though that my mozilla is still working and that I can just listen to Internet Radio, Talk Radio or Online Radio so my love for music goes on.

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